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Select your State to find events approved for your State Mini Tour

What is the NRF Mini Tour?

  • This is a new mini tour to accommodate those individuals that want to be a part of the futurity & derby tour but typically stick to traveling within their state.

  • Points will be awarded within each state and futurity & derby champions will be awarded at year end.

  • Each state will have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 events apart of the mini tour - producers are asked to apply to have their shows selected within each state. Once a state has at least 3 events approved, it will be designated as a Mini Tour State. 

  • Producers must apply - once an event is approved, a $75 sanctioning fee will be required. This money goes directly to each state's award budget.

  • An event must have a Futurity & Derby class or sidepot offered at their event 

    • Futurity must be a 2D format with a minimum of $500 added​

    • Derby must be a 2D format with a minimum of $250 added​​

  • Mini Tour dates cannot overlap an existing Tour Stop - our 10 current tour stops will automatically be placed within their respective state Mini Tours for members to earn points at.

  • In order to earn points at a Mini Tour event, your horse must be nominated into the NRF program​.

Please include producer name, event name and date of event, along with location.

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