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2012 NRF Tour Year End Awards Presentation

Some of the nice awards romeo and graci won from the 2012 northern region futurity tour ... Sharon Munn. Thank you for sending me your picture...Sharon Munn

Awesome year end awards from the NRF Tour!!! We will be back next year in the derby! Thanks for all your hard work on the tour Casey and Shawn!!! ...Leann Smith

Thank you NRF tour for such a fun and exciting futurity season. Special thanks to Pony Warmers and all of the fine sponsors for the wonderful awards and support..... Keri Eglinton

Thank you so much for our awards for the NRF tour! We are very blessed. Lexi won some good prizes this year. Ended 3rd in the 2d year end yay....Ashley Derosier

Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors of the 2012 Futurity Tour! Jetsons Princess and I love our Pony Warmer! Thank you for helping us to pursue our dreams! We couldn't do it without our sponsors! Thank you Casey Lorenz-Varpness & Shawn Varpness for all your hard work and for running a first class organization! Looking forward to 2013!....Becky Boll

Thank you to Rock Bottom Ranch for sponsoring the fastest 4 year old winter Blanket.  2012 4 year old year end champion Nickstreakingharly and Patti Hovland

Thank you to Sponsored Blanket from Gendrey Farm Quarter Horses, Hammon WI. ...Shawn Varpness
2011 NRF Tour Year End Awards Presentation


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